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White Paper – Malaysia: Contact Centre Offshoring Synergy. Bridging the Gap between Service Delivery and Customer Expectations

The customer service industry is one of the oldest and most established industries worldwide. It is also one of the industries that have continually evolved over time; as technology improved, as customer expectations transformed and as competition increased. Operating in the customer services industry is, therefore, a craft that requires exceptional dedication, continuous development and a precise skill set combination.

Being a committed contact centre solution provider, Mindpearl has played an active role in the customer service industry for the past 18 years. During this tenure the industry landscape has progressed, customer needs have diversified and Mindpearl has seamlessly evolved and diversified alongside them, whilst achieving several industry firsts such as establishing the first international outsource contact centre in South Africa in 2001 and Fiji in 2009.

Mindpearl embodies its ‘Our People, Your Brand’ ethos by customising service solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. As we expand into Southeast Asia we look forward to evolving alongside Kuala Lumpur, contributing to the country achieving its 2020 socio-economic objectives and customising our service solutions for the ASEAN.

Food for thought:
“Customers may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Intrigued?  Want to find out more?  This White Paper delves into Malaysia as an Offshoring Destination of Choice for companies like Mindpearl who want to bridge the gap between service delivery and customer expectations.

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Author: Alan Graham | 21 November 2016
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