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Mindpearl South Africa – M&A Today Awards

Mindpearl is honoured to be recognised as the Best Contact Centre in South Africa by the M&A Today annual awards. Mindpearl’s history dates back to 1999 when the company operated as a captive contact centre. Today, Mindpearl is an award-winning contact centre outsourcer wholly management owned and run. With in excess of 14 international clients, Mindpearl has grown its service portfolio to include respected airline and travel industry brands, as well as those in the retail, financial services, logistics and telecommunication industries.

Mindpearl South Africa has been operational since 2001. Our footprint extends to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Essen, Germany and Suva, Fiji. These strategically selected locations allow us to offer our clients premium language capabilities, cost-effective solutions and a truly ‘follow the sun’ concept that promotes 24/7 operations and incurs nearly no disruptions to services.

‘Pushing the boundaries of convention to deliver the ultimate brand experience’ represents Mindpearl’s strategic vision. Mindpearl has illustrated its pioneering industry leadership by being the first outsourcer to open international outsourced facilities in both South Africa (2001) and Fiji (2009). Today, both are award-winning offshoring destinations.

South Africa offers a myriad of opportunities, which paired with its global standing and advanced infrastructure, promotes development and economic prosperity. Being a leading tourist destination and favoured option for tertiary education, it attracts international clients and linguists alike. The Mindpearl motto “Our people, your brand” is a true reflection of our diverse and inclusive spirit and we pride ourselves on employing over 50 nationalities speaking 25 languages. In Cape Town, we have nationals from Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East each contributing to our diverse culture and service offering.

Mindpearl thanks the M&A Today awards and its readership for bestowing this honour. Recognition by our clients, competitors and external parties reinforce our vision and the positive impact we have in the BPO sector, the technological sphere, but more importantly on the global customer experience journey.

mindpearl | 03 August 2018
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