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Mindpearl is management owned, giving you direct access to key stakeholders within Mindpearl. Our flat organisational structure allows for quick decision making and a personalised customer journey where your brand is the centre of everything we do.

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Our People

We are a global company. We pick the best talent from around the globe and strive to use this multicultural edge to deliver superior service and solutions. We truly are diverse, multicultural, and multilingual. Walk into one of our 5 offices around the globe and you will hear over 30 different languages and see people from various cultures.

We believe that to be successful at achieving maximum value from outsourcing, we need to invest in retaining key skills within the industry. We seek to hire the most qualified employees with a strong emphasis on retention by offering salaries above the market average and career development opportunities with a strong focus on up skilling and empowering staff internally.

Our People
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    Our People: Michelle's story

    Michelle Sanipati started at Mindpearl Suva, Fiji on the 01 October 2009 as a Customer Sales and Services Representative for one of our leading Airline clients. In 2010 Michelle was promoted to Team Leader and in 2012 Michelle was then promoted to a Senior Team Leader. Michelle is now a Contact Centre Manager at Mindpearl Fiji and is responsible for the smooth running of six of our prestigious accounts.

    When Mindpearl opened its doors in 2009, Michelle was one of the first employees to join the Mindpearl Fiji centre. Michelle brought with her admirable dedication, a great passion for customer service and a natural ability to lead a team.

    Mindpearl strongly believes in promoting internal growth and developing dedicated employees who exhibit leadership potential. Michelle is the perfect example of a dedicated employee who is determined to succeed and grow. She is an all rounded leader who represents Mindpearl with great pride and thrives in producing excellent results at all times.


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    Our People: Rene’s story

    Building a team of exceptional people is key to our success. Rene has been a valued part of our team for 10 years. Her passion and dedication ensured a commendable career path at Mindpearl. The robust environment we work in does not allow anyone to become stagnant or bored. Her story makes this evident!

    Rene started working at Mindpearl in March 2007, as a Customer Sales and Service Representative. Soon she was promoted to Team Leader, due to her work ethic and excellent results.

    Rene excelled in this Team Leader position; consequently she was promoted to Administration Manager. Her ‘’can do’’ attitude and the quality of her work ensured that she was then upskilled and promoted to a Key Account Coordinator. Soon after, Rene accepted a 2 year assignment in Fiji where she embraced the Suva culture and achieving outstanding results as a Key Account Coordinator.

    With Rene’s years of experience and performance track record, she was the ideal candidate for a promotion to Business Analyst in 2013, which saw her relocating back to South Africa. After three years of working as a Business Analyst, Rene was identified as the perfect person to lead the start up of the Malaysia centre in July 2016. Rene was promoted to General Manager of the Malaysia centre and has relocated to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

    At Mindpearl we believe in promoting from within and invest heavily in the growth and development of our people. Rene’s passion and dedication is replicated in so many of our people.

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    Our People: Anouk's story

    When Anouk obtained her Business degree from the International Hotel School, The Hague. Seeking an opportunity where she could work abroad and travel after completing her studies, brought her to Mindpearl, where she is now a valuable staff member on one of Mindpearls very busy Airline accounts. Working on this international account has afforded her the opportunity to share her vast knowledge of providing exceptional customer service experience with colleagues from all around the world. Last year Anouk and some of her colleagues were invited to visit the head office of the airline account she works on; this provided them with an insight to the organisation’s bigger picture.

    Apart from being an excellent ambassador for Customer Service, Anouk has a passion for travelling. Working at Mindpearl has allowed her the opportunity to work and travel, while experiencing the South African culture first-hand. Anouk works in one of Mindpearl’s most culturally diverse offices so this has allowed her to build friendships with colleagues from all over the world.

    We truly believe in encouraging and promoting our staff and because of Anouk’s tremendous work ethic and passion for delivering excellent customer service she has recently been promoted to Team Leader within her existing account.

Our People in the Community

Mindpearl cares about our community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to bring happiness, health and care to those who will benefit from it the most.

We have formed care teams to take on a number of projects so that we can give back to the community we operate in. We aim to further engage our staff and give them a sense of purpose, strengthening moral and team spirit. Our locations around the world give us the unique perspective and opportunity to connect with many different cultures and to help those in need. We are all part of the same global community. Our goal of engaging with Corporate Social Responsibility is to raise awareness to issues while literally helping those in need.

Our People

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