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Our History

Our History

Mindpearl started in 1999 as a captive contact centre where the lifeblood and entire basis of the offering was to provide seamless 24/7 customer support in multiple languages to the customers and passengers of a consortium of 11 European airlines headed by Swissair. Fast forward to 2018 and Mindpearl has successfully diversified to support many non-airline brands. Today Mindpearl provides contact centre solutions for global names in the aviation, telecommunications, retail and weight management industries, offering multilingual services around the globe on a 24/7 basis, as required.

Our Brand Story +

Mindpearl’s rebrand signals a milestone in our distinguished 19 year history because it is more than a logo—it is an expression of our culture and our approach to business. It is also a clear articulation of our greatest value; our staff (and their individual expertise) and the relationships we have with our clients (as custodians of their brands). We believe this so much, it has become our brand positioning:

“Our people, your brand”

It is this relationship which drives our culture and our business and it is a strength we are proud of. Our approach to business and our values have been embedded in our culture for many years but it was not being reflected in our identity or how we communicated internally and externally. The identity refresh seeks to remedy this and proudly presents Mindpearl with clarity and emotion.

Speaking of which, emotion has been integral to this identity refresh as we believe all successful relationships—whether internal or external—need to be emotive. The world has shifted from B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). In today’s fast-changing world the reality is now H2H (Human to Human), particularly in the BPO, technology and service industry sectors. It is no longer relevant to engage with people on a functional or binary level since this rarely results in deep relationships. Because of this, the Mindpearl identity has embedded within it a sense of emotion and approachability—coupled with professionalism.

Our Brand Story
Our Vision

Our Vision +

Our vision serves as the framework for everything we aspire to be— ‘Pushing the boundaries of convention to deliver the ultimate brand experience.’

To achieve our aspiration, Mindpearl will always act in accordance with three key beliefs, which underpin our values, principles and purpose:

— People, and their capacity to help;
— Partnership, and its capacity to enable;
— Performance, and its capacity to motivate.

Together, these 3P’s (People, Partnership and Performance) form a ‘One Mindpearl’ culture, which influences everything we do and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we believe in most.

Our Core Purpose +

Our purpose and our beliefs influence our actions and our decisions and can be summed up by the following statements:

To invest in the growth and development of our people, our clients and their brands, so that we can provide innovative people-driven communication solutions to global industry issues.

To (re)invent better ways of communicating that provide solutions with simplicity, while balancing economic, social and customer needs.

These beliefs—of reinvention and investment—instill within Mindpearl a unique, tangible and engaging reason to be. It must always be underpinned by management discipline and a natural balance to decision making, as well as consistent and genuine behavior from staff. This is how Mindpearl competes and succeeds in complex industries.

Our Core Purpose
Our Core Principles & Values

Our Core Principles & Values +

We are governed by, and aspire to achieve, service and operational excellence. We drive for recognition—directly and by association with our clients—by conducting ourselves and our business practices according to the following key values and principles:

  1. Service leadership: Integrity, respect, resolve, and practice (to act in accordance with our beliefs)
  2. Operational excellence: Profit (to create or gain benefit from work), resourcefulness (value, utilise and optimise all resources as if they were our own)
  3. Leadership through innovation: (Re)invention (to always encourage ideas and questions), to be flexible and adaptable, to embrace ingenuity (actively engaging in possible solutions, alternative methods and/or entertaining opposite approaches)