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Mindpearl’s rebrand signals a milestone in our distinguished 19 year history because it is more than a logo—it is an expression of our culture and our approach to business. It is also a clear articulation of our greatest value; our staff (and their individual expertise) and the relationships we have with our clients (as custodians of their brands). We believe this so much, it has become our brand positioning:

“Our people, your brand”

It is this relationship which drives our culture and our business and it is a strength we are proud of. Our approach to business and our values have been embedded in our culture for many years but it was not being reflected in our identity or how we communicated internally and externally. The identity refresh seeks to remedy this and proudly presents Mindpearl with clarity and emotion.

Speaking of which, emotion has been integral to this identity refresh as we believe all successful relationships—whether internal or external—need to be emotive. The world has shifted from B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). In today’s fast-changing world the reality is now H2H (Human to Human), particularly in the BPO, technology and service industry sectors. It is no longer relevant to engage with people on a functional or binary level since this rarely results in deep relationships. Because of this, the Mindpearl identity has embedded within it a sense of emotion and approachability—coupled with professionalism.

Craig Bruton | 20 August 2014
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