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When Disaster Strikes – A Client’s Perspective

As anyone familiar with the airline industry would know – we change our plans a lot. When we do – we have to react quickly.

We have found over the past 10 years that Mindpearl will always come up with solutions. Whether it’s a Volcanic Ash Cloud from Iceland sitting on top of Europe for a week or Heathrow Airport closing due to snow – our needs and our volumes can change very quickly with extreme spikes. Mindpearl has shown they can mobilise staff and work miracles with the same enthusiasm and dedication as portrayed by our own staff around the world.

Fiji – Push The Boundaries Of Convention To Deliver The Ultimate Brand Experience

I always get asked, ‘Why Fiji?’ There are a number of attributes that can sum up the attractiveness of Fiji as a BPO delivery location for English language, but the simple answer is brand protection.

We started our international contact centre in Fiji in 2009. Today we support 14 international brands in Fiji. Did we know, going in, that Fiji would be such a success? Well, I would say yes. It was a calculated risk. Fiji has all the key benchmarks that put it on par with leading BPO locations, except, it was a relative unknown.

Interview with William Pattison

Today, I am the CEO and an owner of Mindpearl, an award winning international contact centre outsourcer. This was not necessarily what I thought would happen when I joined the contact centre industry as a call centre agent 25 years ago…

Our Language ‘Guru’s’