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Our Language ‘Guru’s’

Our people are one of our greatest assets. Our aim at Mindpearl is always to encourage growth within our organisation and provide various learning opportunities to support this, while adding value for our clients’ brands. We recently saw an opportunity to accomplish all three objectives with one training initiative and jumped on the opportunity to implement it.

The Need

We offer our clients customer service support in over 30 languages. Native level fluency and dialect is of the utmost importance to us and our clients. Our commitment to our clients is quality support. Part of this promise includes recruiting the best people with high quality verbal and written language skills in numerous languages. Our in-house HR teams have a wealth of experience in recruiting high calibre staff. Their extensive connections to industry partners, university and tertiary education bodies and recruitment agencies allow us to source the best candidates available.

We also have a strict recruitment and selection process, which includes resume screening in line with the required skill set, telephony screening, verbal and written language fluency assessments, computer literacy assessments, competency based interviews, reference checks, criminal checks and credit checks.

Our verbal and written language fluency assessments in particular are essential in providing our clients with quality support. We saw an opportunity to improve on this critical component while providing our people with a training initiative that would help them grow and provide them with an opportunity to increase their income.

The Language Assessor Project

Mindpearl embarked on a project called The Language Assessor Project. Using an external Language Centre we skilled our people as Language assessors to support our HR team in the recruitment process through standardised tests and assessments that measure language skills.

Through an internal recruitment process, we identified 15 staff members currently working on various existing accounts, who, based on their language skills and capabilities were best suited to attend this training. The successful candidates attended a 2 day learning course with an external facilitator in order to obtain a certificate in Language testing. This training equips learners with the necessary skills to conduct language assessments and tests. It also supports standardisation, which is a common challenge with assessing language proficiency. The training was provided by The Language Teaching Centre, an international language school in Cape Town, South Africa offering English and foreign language training and certification.

Our Language Gurus

We kicked off this project in June and it’s proven to be a huge success by bringing value to our recruitment and selection process which ensures consistent quality support to our clients. As mentioned the challenge with assessing language proficiency is standardisation. This project has successfully solved this challenge for us, In addition, we are proud to say that all our ‘language gurus’ are enjoying their new responsibilities and of course the extra income. It truly had been a ‘win-win’ situation that drives best practice in our industry.

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