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When Disaster Strikes – A Client’s Perspective

As anyone familiar with the airline industry would know – we change our plans a lot. When we do – we have to react quickly.

We have found over the past 18 years that Mindpearl will always come up with solutions. Whether it’s a Volcanic Ash Cloud from Iceland sitting on top of Europe for a week or Heathrow Airport closing due to snow – our needs and our volumes can change very quickly with extreme spikes. Mindpearl has shown they can mobilise staff and work miracles with the same enthusiasm and dedication as portrayed by our own staff around the world.

Airports are moving to automated ways of handling passengers and baggage, thereby offering fewer staff on the premises. This is fine on perfect days, but on days when, for whatever reason, the aircraft is not going when it should, our Contact Centre takes over 90% of the airport customer service workload. It is a lot easier for someone standing in Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris to pick up the phone and get connected to someone in Cape Town to rebook their tickets, than to stand in line when we might only have 3 or 4 agents at the airport to help them and the aircraft has over 300 passengers who require immediate assistance.

Customers generally rate us on how we handle the ‘rough days’ versus the days when everything is perfect.

Mindpearl is a partner that helps us get through the rough days and makes us look good when some of our competitors have just given up answering the phones or have calls holding for more than 30 minutes.

-Anonymous-Airline Client

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