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Mindpearl Excellence Award winners
Hiroko, Customer Sales and Service Agent, Brisbane, Australia - As the first point of contact for customer’s Hiroko understands the value her contribution makes to the customer journey.
Our talented soccer team that made it to the semi-final last season
Our Excellence Awards 2014 Winners! Victor, Chipo, Alex & Tanhya!


My 16+ years with Mindpearl can be likened to the first moon landing – the man who took his first steps on the moon had a team working with him to make the impossible possible. Mindpearl’s global team work hard and fast to make things happen. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many Mindpearl greats and I am proud to have been given that opportunity’

Sue Hollis Finance Manager, Mindpearl Cape Town


Our People

Our People

It all starts with human connection. We believe that great work is done by people who are valued and who love their work and their company. We put our people first, so that they will put your brand first. Mindpearl’s people are passionate, driven and dedicated. They live and breathe our clients’ brands and are passionate about protecting and enhancing those brands by adding value to our partnerships at every stage of our relationships.

We are a global company. We pick the best talent from around the globe and strive to use this multicultural edge to deliver superior service and solutions. We have a highly skilled, motivated multicultural and multilingual workforce. Walk into one of our 5 offices around the globe and you will hear over 30 different languages and see people from a wide variety of cultures.

We believe that to be successful at achieving maximum value from outsourcing, we need to invest in retaining key skills within the industry. We seek to hire the most qualified employees with a strong emphasis on retention by offering salaries above the market average and career development opportunities with a strong focus on up skilling and empowering staff internally.

Career Development

Promotion and Career advancement are some of the ways in which we put our people first. We are passionate about career development. We want our people to evolve and grow and this will allow them to produce outstanding work for our clients’ brands which is evident in the high number of success stories we have across all our locations. Many of our staff start in one Mindpearl office and have the opportunity to move to other offices and get promoted to new positions. If you have passion, determination and drive you will excel at Mindpearl!

Leadership +

We want our people to evolve in their role and believe in enhancing their experience at Mindpearl. Our core purpose is to invest in the growth and development of our people. We encourage promotion and role up-skilling our people.

International Assignments +

Mindpearl is a global company and we encourage the opportunity for our staff to experience working abroad in one of our global offices.

Career Development
Reward & Recognition

Reward & Recognition

We reward and recognise our people by offering monetary bonuses and preferential shifts. We have employee of the month awards to recognise top performers. We offer weekend trips away for top performers for both individual and team performances.

Benefits +

Opportunities exist for all employees to achieve on top of current earnings whether it is in the form of monetary bonuses or intangible rewards. Targets are based around sales conversion rates, quality scores, customer satisfaction scores, productivity, complaint conversion, and/or general team morale.

Incentives +

We believe in setting performance incentives to motivate our people. We offer non-monetary incentives like movie tickets and phone recharge vouchers. We have further incentives including Perfect Attendance Bonus, Perfect Quality Bonus and Perfect Occupancy. We offer weekend trips away for top performers for both individual and team performances.


We are passionate about constantly up skilling our people so that they have the ability and skills to offer your brand outstanding service. We invest in skills development so that your brand receives quality, intelligent service. In this way our people evolve and grow and this allows your brand to receive enhanced performance. Ongoing training, up skilling, refresher training and new product training are regular programmes at Mindpearl.

Study Programme +

At Mindpearl we believe in offering our people a chance for funded study programmes to assist in furthering their education.



We put our people first and know that employee happiness is key to a successful business, which is why we value team building. Outsourcing is about human connection and we believe that in order to be happy we need to connect with each other. To foster a team spirit we have theme days and inter-account volleyball competitions.

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