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Rene’s story

Building a team of exceptional people is key to our success. Rene has been a valued part of our team for 10 years. Her passion and dedication ensured a commendable career path at Mindpearl. The robust environment we work in does not allow anyone to become stagnant or bored. Her story makes this evident!

Rene started working at Mindpearl in March 2007, as a Customer Sales and Service Representative. Soon she was promoted to Team Leader, due to her work ethic and excellent results.

Rene excelled in this Team Leader position; consequently she was promoted to Administration Manager. Her ‘’can do’’ attitude and the quality of her work ensured that she was then upskilled and promoted to a Key Account Coordinator. Soon after, Rene accepted a 2 year assignment in Fiji where she embraced the Suva culture and achieving outstanding results as a Key Account Coordinator.

With Rene’s years of experience and performance track record, she was the ideal candidate for a promotion to Business Analyst in 2013, which saw her relocating back to South Africa. After three years of working as a Business Analyst, Rene was identified as the perfect person to lead the start up of the Malaysia centre in July 2016. Rene was promoted to General Manager of the Malaysia centre and has relocated to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

At Mindpearl we believe in promoting from within and invest heavily in the growth and development of our people. Rene’s passion and dedication is replicated in so many of our people.

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