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Social Customer Care – Infographic

There is a clear indication as to where the volumes shifts are expected. Social customer care is fast becoming a preferred channel for interaction. If you’re in the travel or airline industry, adoption of Social customer care is a must

The Customer Service Experience you should create for today’s Airline Customer

The Customer Service Experience you should create for today’s Airline Customer. With Mindpearl recently winning the global contact centre outsourcing contract for Malaysia Airlines, I found myself relocating to Malaysia to manage this account from our newest centre, in Kuala Lumpur. Given Malaysia Airlines’ brand presence and prominence in global aviation, Mindpearl’s airline expertise and […]

What Impact is Social Media Usage During Office Hours Having On Your Business?

What is your business doing about it?

Mindpearl’s Fiji Contact Centre operation has over 650 staff today and employee engagement is very high in our order of priorities. We firmly believe motivated and engaged people are more productive people and social media is very much a part of everyday life these days.

Social customer service can move your contact centre to the next level, if you do it right

Did You Know that Over a Third of Customers who Interact with a Brand Online Do So to Complain and One in Three Social Media Users Prefer Social Customer Care Over Voice Support? Clearly, social customer care offers companies an opportunity to improve customer service, change the perception of the call centre industry and reduce […]

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