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Building a team of exceptional people is key to our success.


Rene has been a valued part of our team for 14 years.


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Rene Rutgers, Mindpearl Cape Town

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When disaster strikes – a client’s perspective.


‘Mindpearl is a partner that helps us get through the rough days and makes us look good’


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Interview - Airline Client

Our People, Your Brand

Our new brand identity is a clear articulation of our greatest value; our staff and the relationships we have with our clients.


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Our Brand Identity

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Mindpearl does it again!


Awards for outsourcing excellence and innovation


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Fiji – Pushing the boundaries of convention to deliver the ultimate brand experience.


Why Fiji?  The simple answer – Brand Protection


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2014 Offshoring Destination of the Year

Interview with William Pattison

Individual Spotlight


The NOA’s interview with Mindpearl’s CEO.


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William Pattison

Our Language 'Guru's

Best practice, standardisation and investment in people!


One training initiative that accomplished it all!


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We selected Mindpearl Fiji because it is cost-effective, easily accessible and conveniently located. What we got was so much more. Our attrition rates have dropped from 40% to 2%, which equates to significantly lower recruitment and training costs. Sick leave is non-existent, even during a Category 5 Cyclone. Service levels are consistent and stable. The most surprising for me is employee engagement. There is a true spirit of team, family, pride of company and product. Employee engagement scores are sitting at around 70% compared with 30% in 'like for like' roles. For me this is a true testimony to their slogan and commitment to brand protection.

Brad Hagstrom Joint CEO, Harmoney

We see Mindpearl as an extension of our own in-house team, which is even more emphasised by the fact that we are working on joined virtual queues for both mail and voice requests on our own contact centre platform. Mindpearl continues to deliver great flexibility and professionalism towards our partnership and stands for friendly and result oriented contacts with our customers.

Jim Driesen Service Centre Partnership Manager, Brussels

Mindpearl's flexibility and 'can do' approach have been key ingredients in strengthening and developing our relationship over the years.

Rachel Allen Manager, Outsourcing Delivery, Delta Air Lines

I used Mindpearl to undertake an outbound call program to our customer database. The purpose of the calls was to ensure that we had accurate information. Mindpearl were professional to deal with and were willing to debrief the campaign in a timely manner, including the revision of scripts if required. I would recommend Mindpearl to any business that was looking to contact high numbers of customers in a professional and cost effective manner.

Nathan Kerr Chief Executive Officer, Australian Mortgage Brokers